6 05, 2016

Metova’s Got Talent

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 Entering the elevator, I notice Tommy, our new hire, carrying a large stick-looking object. “Whatcha got there?” I ask. “A didgeridoo. It’s for the talent show today.” “Oh, of course,” I respond agreeably, although I have no clue what he is referring to.  […]

5 05, 2016

How You Need To Be Communicating With Your Clients

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Talk More, Build LessA common pitfall for development companies is not having enough communication with their clients. A development team may go days or weeks without telling the client anything about the progress made on their application. We have heard clients complain about their experiences with poorly communicating companies. “I never knew what they were [...]

5 05, 2016

How Much Does Development Cost?

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“How much does app development cost?” is the number one question Metova is asked. To answer it, we have created a blog series that splits the issue up into bite-sized easy to digest morsels.This simple question has no simple answer. It is similar to asking how much dinner will cost. The answer can vary greatly [...]

5 05, 2016

Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose

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More than Money.Offering salaries and raises alone does not necessarily make a good employee. According to Dan Pink’s TED Talk, monetary rewards increase performance, but only when tasks are straightforward and use very little, if any, thought. When tasks require thinking outside of the box and cognitive skills, monetary incentives have been found to actually [...]

2 05, 2016

Collaborating Remotely

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 A New EraAs we reach towards the first quarter of the 21st century we are being hurled into a more digital world. Our cars, homes, phones, even our plants have become intertwined with some technological application. What that inevitably means is that digital jobs are also growing more and more. At Metova, we have been [...]

27 04, 2016

So You’re Thinking Of Making a Career Change

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Career changes are scary. It takes a special kind of person to leap into the fire as an adult with bills to pay and family expectations to meet. If you’re thinking of making a career change, do you have what it takes? Have you thought about your family, your bills, how you will feel being [...]

27 04, 2016

The Best of April Fools 2016

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 April Fools is a day when both individuals and companies try to have a bit of fun. I always love seeing what companies come up with as their April Fools prank. Here is a collection of pranks from this year that were particularly entertaining.  […]

12 04, 2016

Theory of Constraints: What To Change To?

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Metova uses the Theory of Constraints in daily decision making. As such, we want Metovians to have a working knowledge of tools that will help them find and alleviate the constraint. This series of blog posts follows along with a class our CTO, Dave Lane, is teaching at our Franklin, TN office. If you missed [...]

7 04, 2016

Theory of Constraints: 5 Focusing Steps

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Five Focusing Steps1. Identify the ConstraintIn order to increase the throughput of the system, you must alleviate the current bottleneck — the thing currently limiting you from attaining your goal. A common failure in identifying the constraint is the discovery of future assumed constraints. Remember that alleviating a constraint will result in the emergence of [...]

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