Collaborating Remotely

 A New Era

As we reach towards the first quarter of the 21st century we are being hurled into a more digital world. Our cars, homes, phones, even our plants have become intertwined with some technological application. What that inevitably means is that digital jobs are also growing more and more. At Metova, we have been matching this growth both locally and remotely to continue creating applications for our clients. Working remotely comes with its benefits and challenges. However, if properly set up, it can be a very productive way to get in the zone during development and creative processes.


Traditionally collaboration was a physical activity. Meetings, brainstorming, communication, and deliverables were all done within the office setting. With the change of office technology, almost all of these tasks have been delegated to completion through a computer or smartphone. Coordinating on tasks requires some type of medium or tool for the collaboration to take place. Thankfully the internet has provided us with the ability to access a plethora of tools, all with the purpose of making remote collaboration a simpler process.


Being Involved

One of the challenges of being remote is getting involved. Our teams have set up groups whose topics range from gaming, to virtual lunches, to tournaments, in order to get everyone in on the activity. In today’s age a lot of our entertainment is virtual, and gaming online is definitely a popular source of fun. Gaming tournaments, chatrooms, and other creative networks have been created to keep Metovians engaged wherever they are. Furthermore charities, fundraisers, and communal events are supported by the Metova offices, and contributions are made regardless of location.

Metova’s Remote Team

We currently have over 18 Metovians working remotely throughout the United States and Canada and are growing. As we increase our presence throughout the nation, remote workers also increase diverse collaboration. As our clients’ needs grow, so does Metova’s work force. Along the way we are constantly learning and changing our ways in order to be the most impactful. Below you’ll find some tools you can use to keep our collaboration going. The ones Metova uses and enjoys are starred.


● Brainstorming: Mindmeister / Mural

● Tools Suite: Google Drive* / Microsoft Office*

● Online Storage: Google Drive* / One Drive / Dropbox*

● Communication: Slack / Hipchat* / Skype / Hangouts*

● Project Management: ProofHub / Smartsheet

● Development: Atlassian Suite* / Github* / Cloud9

● Design: Marqueed / GoVisually / Invision


Andreas Can
Andreas Can