CyberCENTS Sponsors ITEN Cyber Competition

The ITEN Wired conference in Pensacola Beach, Florida begins today. We are proud that our sister company, CyberCENTS, is sponsoring the Cyber competition.  They are also providing CENTS®  (Cyber Operations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators) as the infrastructure for some of the events. The competition will consist of Cyber Defense, Cyber Offense, and Capture the Flag.


Cyber Defense

Six teams of four to seven defenders must defend their network against attack. In order to win, they will need to be able to both identify and respond effectively to incoming cyber attack events.  Metova’s SLAM-R© (Sentinel, Legion, AutoBuild, Myrmidon, Reconstitution) will be providing the predetermined attacks that the teams will defend against.


Cyber Offense

Cyber Offense is an individual competition with up to 35 participants. Each will try to attack a predetermined vulnerable ecommerce system. Scoring is subjective and based on the amount of damage done.

Capture the Flag

The Capture the Flag competition tests skill in a wide variety of cybersecurity fields. The competitors will be tested in reverse engineering, network sniffing, protocol analysis, system administration, forensics and cryptanalysis.

Infrastructure for the Capture the Flag event is provided by Facebook CTF. Through the CTF engine, points are automatically awarded when flags or objectives are hit.


Closing Up

CyberCENTS CTO Kevin Hofstra will be giving the closing keynote. He leads the development of Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators (CENTS®) for DoD, Federal and Commercial customers. Kevin will be discussing best practices and cutting edge techniques used for creating and maintaining an emulated training system. These techniques aim to provide an accurate and effective solution that is also simple, repeatable, and cost-effective. Don’t miss it!


Jennifer Pike
Jennifer Pike