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Metova has a long history providing new and innovative digital customer experiences that delight while delivering the very latest in technology solutions.


From the biggest consumer brands to disruptive startups and decades-old companies beginning their transformations, Metova has proven to be a leader in delivering digital customer experiences for hundreds of organizations over the years.

Lawn Care Leader: TruGreen

TruGreen, the leading lawncare provider in the U.S., was in need of a digital transformation to bring a new digital customer experience to expand and enhance their service offering.

  • Mobile Service – Put the full control of a customer’s lawn services, subscription level and onboarding into new applications for iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Enhanced Communication – Shift from communicating exclusively through direct mail and telemarketing calls to include mobile push notifications, alerts and notifications regarding customer subscriptions, on-site service calls and account changes
  • New Marketing Tools – With in-app notifications, promotions, push notifications and service alerts, the mobile application would serve to increase revenue and conversions
  • Reduce Customer Churn – Phone calls and direct mail can be costly and difficult to reach existing customers, with the mobile application installed communicating directly with customers when they have concerns and alerting anyone who’s subscription has lapsed would provide a stronger ability to retain customers

Disruptive Startup: TAKL

TAKL was looking to disrupt the in-home services industries by providing a completely new digital customer experience and connect home owners directly with the local services they needed:

  • Mobile Service – The TAKL business was dependent on being able to connect customers and service providers through smartphones, requiring native iPhone and Android applications
  • Design Expertise – With over 400 services for the home, a custom UX and UI was required to provide an elegant solution to a complex set of services and prices
  • Nimble – The mobile applications needed to be developed in parallel to meet a tight schedule, requiring rapid approvals and creative thinking
  • Dynamic Pricing – Different parts of the country required different pricing structures, automatically set by customer and service provider location
Metova is an advanced partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and can help your organization get the most out of your digital customer experience innovation needs.
For Metova clients, the Advanced Consulting Partner designation offers a competitive edge through benefitting from AWS resources, practices and facilities enabling Metova to design, build and support secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient cloud infrastructure for IoT, connected vehicle, connected home, mobile applications and more.


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