Playbook Purpose

The purpose of the Sales Playbook is to serve as a reference sales tool for ABC Financial. This playbook provides a foundational understanding of sales process best practices, key market trends, profiles for key decision makers, the ABC Financial value proposition, and an approach to leading effective sales conversations with key decision-makers. 

"High" and "Early"

Our probability of sales success increases when we engage early in the Customer’s Buying
Process and create a compelling reason to consider a “Change” of how they are doing things

Leading the Buying Process

• Engage earlier in the buying process to provide insight at “Awareness”
• Engage higher in the organization/decision-making authority
• Solve fundamental business problems for key decision makers

This playbook is organized around best practices for increasing effectiveness and winning more deals.


business planning and leveraging the ABC Ideal Client Profile.


utilizing Ideal Client Profile and discovery techniques to qualify inbound and outbound leads.


for sales conversations by understanding market trends and typical challenges facing key decision makers.


effective sales conversation built around a proven approach for uncovering priorities and challenges, delivering insights, and gaining commitment to desired next steps.


strategies to win opportunities based on value delivery, competitive strategies, and objection handling. 

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