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Custom Software Development for Companies that Disrupt and Innovate

From mobile apps and websites to sensor networks and connected things, we’ve been building on both hardware and software since 2006 and can help anyone do the same. 

We’ve recently delivered new products for our customers in Telemedicine, Heavy Equipment, Financial Services and Entertainment and have decades of experience across many different industries.

What We Do

Our strategists and architects have helped companies solve problems, from health care to lawn care, and from locating heavy machinery to playing heavy metal music.

As an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services, and Gold Partner of Microsoft we have access to resources and services that help companies to innovate faster, more efficiently – and at a lower cost.

Our Process is Agile and Iterative

We work relentlessly to identify customer needs, define and build new experiences, align business goals, streamline workflows and drive revenue — while staying focused on delighting customers.


All 5 phases of our transformation process work together, beginning with research and strategy, collaborating with design, delivering with development, finalizing with quality assurance – and launching with marketing services.

Research & Strategy



QA Automation & Maintenance

Marketing Services


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high engagement

A Bit of Our Experience


Financial Technology


An emerging financial services company was looking to disrupt the banking industry by providing new checking account options for international customers.


Metova did a technology assessment and code review to identify quality and performance issues and then built mobile solutions to meet customer needs.


Native Android/iOS mobile, UI/UX design, WordPress web, QA Automation testing.


Bringing Telemedicine


An emerging telehealth company, led by a physician CEO, needed to deliver remote patient care to anywhere in the world.


Metova assessed technology needs, presented functional solutions, and delivered the new product to easily connect patients and doctors remotely.


.NET web, AWS services, UI/UX design, streaming video and low bandwidth optimization.


Digital Entertainment


A multibillion-dollar entertainment company wanted to provide their music service to customers on the go and not just in the car or at home.


Metova helped their team to translate the service to mobile platforms and translate the automotive and web experience to match, opening up a new customer.


Native iOS mobile, Native Android mobile, PHP web, Backend API, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, QA Automation testing.


Heavy Equipment


A fleet rental company providing heavy equipment rentals needed a custom asset tracking solution to improve operational efficiencies and increase profits.


Metova did a tech assessment to recommend the right solution for hardware and software needs, and developed a custom solution to meet their needs.


AWS cloud services, IoT sensor networks and configuration, UX/UI design and .NET and mobile
application development.