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Internet of Things

Things are communicating with each other and we speak their language.
From strategy to execution, we understand the challenges of delivering IoT as something more than just three buzzy letters. Try us out, we love great challenges and often the Internet of Things poses some of the very best of them.
Internet of Things

From water meters to ground-breaking wireless technologies, we’ve pioneered some of the most unique implementations to connect devices to each other and help them communicate. If you’ve got a product challenge or a service that requires connecting more than the typical components together, we can help you solve it. Our team specializes in ensuring that the devices you need to connect, deliver the right information at the right time with the expected results.

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Featured Technology: LoRa WAN

If you need to monitor some basic information about a group of widely spaced items cheaply and reliably, LoRa WAN is the answer. Industries such as agriculture, utilities, and parking are all starting to take advantage of this technology, with Metova pioneering new LoRa WAN solutions every day.


Metova In the News: Internet of Things

“The good news for the industry is that there is desire, even if not a high degree of understanding. For example, 84% of consumers would like to be able to monitor their electricity, gas or water usage and cost in real time using a computer, tablet or mobile device. Most (84%) would even choose a utility provider over another if they provided such a service.”

Media Post: The IoT Market Gap: Consumer Knowledge Low, Smart Device Ownership High

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