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LoRa wireless technology might be exactly what you need to revolutionize your business and propel it into the future!

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Wide Coverage,  Low Power,  Scalable,  Low Cost

LoRa is a new open global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT connectivity, that offers long 10+ mile range connectivity, minimal installation cost and a nearly maintenance-free low battery draw that can be integrated into the home, cars, lights, agriculture, utilities, manufacturing equipment, appliances, wearable devices, and much more.


In our increasingly connected world, businesses and industries must stay current with technology trends in order to maximize profit, maintain customer satisfaction, and hold a competitive edge. Whether it’s via WiFi, Bluetooth, or cellular, connected devices are ubiquitous – ranging from connected digital personal assistants, smart TVs, and smart cars to connected electric power and water meters, and beyond.


Metova has aggressively pursued and pioneered development with LoRa, creating wireless LoRa solutions for utilities, and developing an independent LoRa security testing laboratory – greatly reducing the time to create, test, and deploy a LoRa solution.

If you need to monitor some basic information about a group of widely spaced items cheaply and reliably, LoRa is the answer.


LoRa sensors can monitor areas in real time, allowing farmers to make decisions with accurate information. By measuring moisture and minerals in soil, farmers can reduce waste of water and fertilizers, and put resources where they’re needed most. With a sensor that can detect an increase in bug pheromones, farmers can manage pests sooner.


Currently every water, gas, and electricity meter must be manually recorded for each home and business. With a LoRa module added to each meter, this information can be retrieved quickly, accurately, and on schedule.


Knowing you may have trouble finding parking on a busy night might keep you at home. With a LoRa device on each parking area that could monitor whether the spaces are taken, and displaying that info on a mobile app, tough parking situations are easier to navigate.

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A LoRa solution that provides the standard server capabilities along with complete network control, data transparency, and integration support.

Metova is a member of the LoRa Alliance™.

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