iOS Development Tips and Tricks

iOS Tips and Tricks

Having a knowledge of keyboard shortcuts and plugins for your coding environment can make you a more efficient and effective developer. Here are some tips and tricks our iOS developers have picked up.


Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

  • cmd-shift-o – Quickly jump to a particular symbol within a project – This searches classes, methods, protocols, functions, etc.
  • cmd-shift-2 – Bring up organizer.
  • cmd-n – Create a new file.
  • cmd-f – Find.
  • cmd-click – Command click on a symbol (such as a class or method) to go to its source code.
  • option-click – Option click on a symbol (such as a class or a method) to display information.


Crash Info

  • exception breakpoint – setup Xcode to break within your code when an exception occurs
    • How to: Choose the breakpoint tab in the Xcode Navigator View, click the plus at the bottom and add an exception breakpoint.
  • Sometimes, crashes happen when you’re not developing. Use a crash reporting framework such as Crashlytics or Crittercism to easily determine the problem.


General Xcode

  • Use Xcode Plugins
    • Alcatraz is good plugin manager for Xcode which makes installs and uninstalls very easy.
    • Polychromatic is a plugin which is available in Alcatraz that assigns a different color to each of your variables and uses good looking desaturated colors.
    • OMColorSense which is also available in Alcatraz gives you a color picker while working with NSColor in code.
    • SCXCodeSwitchExpander which is in Alcatraz gives you Switch cases autocompletion in Xcode.
    • KSImageNamed also in Alcatraz give you autocomplete for imageNamed calls.
  • Xcode Color Themes
  • Type method names without the return type for easy code completion:
    • Typing the return type (as shown below) is unnecessary:
    • You can simply type “-” without the return type and all matching method names will appear in code completion: