Metova Consumer Survey: FinTech

In our never-ending quest to understand the trends and consumer expectations that propel emerging technologies, we recently surveyed over 1000 connected consumers with active bank accounts to learn more about their opinions and usage of financial technology, otherwise called FinTech. Here are some of our key findings:

  • 94% currently use electronic banking services, such as banking websites and/or mobile banking apps 
  • 96% feel it is important that with a premium checking account they receive additional bundled benefits and services
  • 54% use their banks’s mobile app while 44% use their banks website
  • 87% would install a companion app from their bank that provided additional bundled services


Want to learn more about FinTech? Read a Q&A with Metova, CTO, Andrew Cowart here: FinTech: a Q&A with Metova CTO, Andrew Cowart

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