Mobile Android Application Helps Parents Set Kids’ Mobile Curfew

A novel way to curb youth phone usage, reestablishing values and traditional family order

NASHVILLE, Tenn. May 10, 2012 – Wi-Fi Parent, a new mobile and tablet application, announced today the release of its flagship product, Wi-Fi Parent for Android, on the Google Play and Amazon Markets. An app that every parent should know about, Wi-Fi Parent puts control back in parents’ hands and lets them limit mobile usage on their children’s devices.

Conceived by seasoned software architect Stephen Pickell, and built by leading custom mobile android application developer Metova, Inc., the app can be purchased for $1.99 for Android devices version 2.2 and above.

“For Christmas last year my kids received a handful of mobile devices and they were hooked. The phones and e-readers were interrupting school, homework, family meals and bedtime,” explained Pickell, founder of Wi-Fi Parent. “I was already paying $4.99 a month for a service through my carrier that could set curfews on placing calls or texting, but it couldn’t turn-off Wi-Fi, music or games. Kids are smart enough and technologically savvy enough to know that just because they can’t call their friends, doesn’t mean they can’t Skype them. That’s how this app came about.”

Unlike existing apps geared towards security when using a device, Wi-Fi Parent lets parents schedule customized times that children can access Wi-Fi, SMS for texting, calling or completely disable a device to eliminate distractions when kids are supposed to be doing homework or sleeping, for example.

The app when installed on the child’s device cannot be uninstalled without an administrator’s password. Additionally, parents can set up whitelists of approved contacts that kids can access during restricted times.

“I think the real breakthrough came when we were able to build a way for the app to lock down the entire device, but still give users the ability to call 911 or people on their whitelist in an emergency situation,” said Ben Coulston, the Metova developer who worked on the project.

“Everyone has seen the Sprint commercials that ask, why would anyone want to limit the use of mobile devices? The answer: when that usage affects the health and education of our children,” Pickell said. “We built this app so families could enjoy the benefits of having children with mobile devices without worrying about interference in priorities or the arguments that come with physically restricting usage.”

You can download the app from the Amazon Appstore at


Wi-Fi Parent, LLC is a smartphone application company founded by consultant and software architect Stephen Pickell in early 2012. Based in Lee’s Summit, Mo., Pickell formed the venture to provide cost effective solutions for parents who struggle with their children’s mobile and tablet device usage. For more information on how Wi-Fi Parent can help set your kids’ mobile curfew visit


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