Mobile App Developer Metova sponsors Vanderbilt Senior Design Day project

We were thrilled to sponsor a project for this year’s Vanderbilt University School of Engineering Senior Design Day. Metova’s VP of Technology Dave Lane advised four students who spent the last two semesters working on their project: the Augmented Reality Smartphone Framework for Android.

The seniors—Matthew Lavin, Ryan Robe, Robert Newton and Jacob Logan—developed an Android framework to recognize text from a camera view and provide relevant supplemental information overlaid on the screen. They created a prototype app to read business cards and find information about the contact online through LinkedIn and other sources.

Ryan Robe, Jacob Logan, Matthew Lavin and Robert Newton are the Vanderbilt seniors who created the Augmented Reality Android App. The team was able to read information from the camera view using the Tesseract optical character recognition software. They incorporated the application programming interface of LinkedIn and implemented it for easy use. If time allows, they plan to implement an SQLite database used to keep track of past scans, helping the user find information easily.

Dave had a great time advising the guys on this successful project and is looking forward to sponsoring another project in the fall.