Mobile App Developers Profile: Meet Caleb Hamilton

One of Metova’s lead developers, Caleb joined our team in 2011. An Atlanta native, Caleb attended Auburn University and studied software engineering. Within his role at Metova, Caleb develops mobile apps and also works with the lead development team to assist and mentor other developers.

We recently sat down with Caleb to ask him a few questions about his work, native functionality, hybrid apps and Harrison Ford. Read on to learn more.

Tell us what you do here at Metova?
I assist developers with development process issues and help remove roadblocks for them. I also manage our recruiting pipeline and new developer training program.

How would you say that working with Metova is different from other development firms?
Metova is 100% behind our developers. We do our absolute best to ensure developers have the necessary resources to be the best at their craft. This includes removing a lot of the traditional overhead of development by focusing on the agile process, and allowing developers to plan their own work and be accountable for it.

What’s one feature that you feel is essential to a great mobile app?
A great mobile app should focus on native functionality. Having an Android app that mirrors something an iPhone user would expect is not ideal. Each mobile platform has unique tools that their user base expects.

What’s one piece of advice you’d tell a young developer looking to get into the mobile app industry?
Apply! The best part about being a young developer is that mobile development is still very young. Plug into some resources, such as the Google Android developer website, and just have some fun.

What technological advancement/shift should app developers pay attention to this year?
An emergence of hybrid apps could lead to stronger hybrid development communities. I would personally like to see community tools for hybrid applications, namely debugging and unit testing.

What’s your favorite app?
Right now, my favorite app is Reddit Sync for Android. Every music lover should also buy Poweramp for Android; it has phenomenal features.

Favorite hobbies?
I really enjoy playing and recording music. I grew up playing the drums, and have dabbled with several other instruments. I am also an avid gamer. Oh, and go Preds!

What would you like to cross off you “bucket list” next?
I would love to meet Harrison Ford or David Tennant.