Online Offering Created for Jewel’s Never Broken

New Online Program and Community Conceived by Multi-award Winning Musician, Author and Actress, Jewel, Uses the Web to Build Emotional Fitness

CONWAY, Ark., October 26, 2016 – Metova Inc, today announced their creation of the website, and technological functionality powering Jewel’s‘ Never Broken, a free web-based offering and community created to inspire emotional fitness as a gateway to find balance in all areas of life. With a road map that was developed and practiced by Jewel during a time in her life that she was without a job, support or even a home, Never Broken provides members with the tools and training to develop a relationship with their ‘inner observer’ along with lessons to make new habits that lead to happiness.

To learn more or sign up for free membership at Jewel’s Never Broken, please visit:

“Our work for leading companies around the globe is always rewarding, but this particular project for Jewel has been a real honor in that it leverages the social connectivity and multimedia functionality available on the web for a truly noble purpose,” said Tim Mushen, EVP of sales and marketing at Metova. “At Metova we pride ourselves in using technology, whether it be through mobile apps or web offerings, to fully enable our clients’ creative or business ideas.”

Never Broken lessons begin with “learning to observe.” The website states that “learning to observe what thoughts we allow ourselves to indulge in is critical, because we build lives based on this – weather we are aware of our thoughts or not.” The site, along with instructional videos helps members to be mindful of their thoughts, and learn to stop engaging in negative habit loops while building ones that lead to fulfillment.

Never Broken members are encouraged to reach out to other members of the community by becoming a mentor, or sharing stories on Never Broken forums, allowing them to see they are not alone. Never Broken’s community portal is designed to offer a safe place for members to meet like-minded people, provide insight and support and find a “shelter from the storm” that many face in life.

“As I say in my book, I truly believe no person can keep us unhappy, abused, or poor if we are willing to take accountability, look in the mirror and say ‘the shape of my life is up to me,’ said Jewel. “These tools will help take you from a victim who merely reacts to a life you inherited, to an architect who creates it.”

For more information on Jewel’s new book titled “Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story”, please click HERE or visit Jewel’s website at:




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