Remote Work Strategies: Location Conditioning

Remote Work

Working from home can be both rewarding and challenging. Our mobile developers meet monthly to socialize and discuss any challenges we encounter. This article is the second in a series where we discuss some of the tips and tricks that we have used in order to create routines and maintain a work-life balance.

Location Conditioning


Just like how having a routine of tasks can help you get into the work mindset, so can having a dedicated work location. You probably are already conditioned to do certain things, act, or feel a certain way based on your location. You may not even realize it! Have you ever walked into the kitchen for one reason and gotten hungry? What about when you get in the car? Do you automatically do things that aren’t even required to reach your location like check your makeup or adjust the radio? Do you feel a little sleepy when you walk in your bedroom or lay on your bed?

Location conditioning is associating actions or a mindset with a location. When you arrive at this location, your body and mind are prepped for action. To employ this mind trick for use with work, it is best to have a dedicated workspace. If you do not, try converting a shared space into a workspace during your normal work hours.

If you live in close quarters and do not have the ability to have a dedicated space, transform the space you are working in! For example, if you work at the kitchen table or even on the couch, make sure when you are using those spaces for personal reasons that your computer and external monitors are hidden or out of the way. Only set them up when you are working. This can give you the perception of having a dedicated space.

The important thing is to find a good place to work and to then do your work there exclusively. Find the space where you are comfortable, productive, and focused then dedicate that space to working. You may find that it becomes easier and easier to begin work and that your work becomes more productive!

Come back next time when we discuss how to create boundaries to better balance your work and life!


Abbey Jackson
Abbey Jackson