Software Developer Profile: Meet Ryan Dunnewold

One of Metova’s newer developers, Ryan recently graduated from Tennessee Tech University. He brings a unique eye and skill set to Metova—he owns his own photography business, and also designs websites and logos.

We recently sat down with Ryan to ask him a few questions about Metova’s process, ugly apps and getting paid to do what you love. Read on to learn more.

How would you say that working with Metova is different from other development firms?

Metova’s process is incredible. The company recognizes that too much structure can inhibit creativity, so they have created an environment where developers are free to be creative and productive without getting burnt out. This environment is perfect for cutting-edge, top-rated apps.

What’s one feature that you feel is essential to a great mobile app?

A good user interface. I won’t use an app if it’s ugly, regardless of how great it is.

What’s one piece of advice you’d tell a young developer looking to get into the mobile app industry?

If it’s what you enjoy doing in your free time, you’ll probably enjoy getting paid for it.

What’s your favorite app?

The mobile photography app VSCO Cam.

Favorite hobbies?


Most prized possession?

My plethora of Goodwill t-shirts.

What would you like to cross off you “bucket list” next?

Hang gliding in Switzerland.