• Riley Mills
  • Posted by Riley Mills
February 18, 2015

AWS EC2 instances do not come preconfigured with a swapfile. This means that if your application runs out of free memory something's probably gonna crash.

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  • Logan Serman
  • Posted by Logan Serman
October 31, 2014


Rails servers have a limited amount of connections that they can maintain at one time because the web server (in most cases) is a single-thread and multi-processed. There is a set amount of "workers" that can handle connections, when those connections are tied up, any new connections will have to wait. If you are processing potentially long tasks within the request/response cycle, you might have users waiting for those tasks to finish before they are able to load your website. HTTP is designed to be very fast and a request/response cycle should happen as fast as possible.

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  • Jennifer Pike
  • Posted by Jennifer Pike
February 24, 2014

Is your application missing a key component?

Comscore indicates that iOS and Android are still considered the top two mobile platforms, and Metova's 2013 numbers support the notion they are crowding out others. But wait, what is that big red slice of pie on Metova’s Technology Offerings chart? Meet Rails, an up-and-coming web platform we use to add another dimension of support and customization to our mobile applications. 24% of our projects in 2013 were developed with Ruby on Rails, making it a benchmark year for us in web development. We expect the number of web projects to steadily increase.

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  • Dave Lane
  • Posted by Dave Lane
January 28, 2014

Metova developers are passionate about coding. In fact, we like to believe we are among the best in the world. When we heard about the annual MoDEV Hackathon at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), we decided to test our mettle.

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