The Best of April Fools 2016

 April Fools is a day when both individuals and companies try to have a bit of fun. I always love seeing what companies come up with as their April Fools prank. Here is a collection of pranks from this year that were particularly entertaining.


Mark Zukerberg H&M

H&M april fools

H&M has partnered with Mark Zukerberg to bring you a new collection. Everyone knows deciding what to wear in the morning takes up valuable time and energy. The new Zukerberg collection allows both men and women to cut the hassle of deciding what to wear out of their day. See how versatile this seemingly simplistic collection can be at


Google’s Cardboard Plastic

cardboard plastic april fools

From Google Glass to Cardboard, Google has been working to create a truly real reality. With the introduction of Google Cardboard Plastic, they have finally done it. They have taken Cardboard and done the unthinkable- made it plastic. With six color options, users can now see the world in a brand new way. It’s real, real-life.


Amsterdam’s Self-Driving Bicycle self driving bicycle april fools

Bicycles are a quick way to get around but have historically been dangerous and taken more effort to use than cars. Not to worry, Google in the Netherlands has created a self-driving bike. You can feel safe sending your kids out on this self aware bicycle, knowing it will avoid accidents. Bikes are large and it can be difficult to find a place to put them while you are working or shopping. Luckily, you will no longer need to worry about temporary storage as


Razer’s Project Breadwinner

Razer april fools toaster

You use Razer equipment for important things every day- computering and gaming. Why not at breakfast and second breakfast, arguably the first-most, and second-most important parts of the day? People have very personal preferences for their toast. Razer understands and has included settings for toast texture, a customizable projectile delivery system, and bread magazine for easy loading. Project Breadwinner is a game changer for sure.

Also, with the announcement of Project Breadwinner, Razer is merging their expertise in gaming and toast by giving away 15 copies of the highly-rated game I Am Bread!


YouTube SnoopaVision

youtube april fools

 YouTube has listened to their fans and brought us the ability to be truly immersed in the videos we watch. Now we have the ability with YouTube’s new SnoopaVision, to watch funny cat videos in 360 degrees with SnoopDog! Try it out and experience the amazing transformation from watching videos alone in your living room to feeling like you are actually there with SnoopDog by your side.


Stack Overflow’s UniKong

Stack Overflow april fools

Need more action in your day? Try out Stack Overflow’s new action-packed game, Unikong! Collect coins and diamonds while you climb a series of ladders and beams. Beware of the devilish unicorn prancing back and forth at the top of the screen, though! She drops flaming arrows that are sure to kill you. Trolls are another threat, but can luckily be destroyed with rainbows from your laser gun. Pew pew!


Happy April Fools Day From Metova!



Jennifer Pike
Jennifer Pike