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We’re So Happy That You Found Us

Metova provides mobile, web, enterprise, connected home, connected vehicle, IoT and Cybersecurity solutions that change how people live, work and play through technology. Our unique boutique+scale business promotes a culture of teamwork, creativity and personal development that has attracted leading engineering, strategy and design talent.

You’ll find what makes us different is that we not only specialize in many disciplines and architectures to give you the scale you need to tackle any size project, but that we also deliver the service and intimacy of a boutique shop to help transform your business with technology. You get the very best of both worlds when it comes to getting the innovation that you need with the horsepower you want to get it done right, to get it done quickly, and at the highest quality.

Check out some of our specialties, let us know if you have any questions. We would love to hear what challenges you’re working on, what problems you’re trying to solve, and how we can deliver the right innovative solution for you.

Solutions to Transform Your Business

Mobile First
Your customers expect to have mobile access to your services at their convenience – and we can deliver that for you.

Connected Home
From smart locks to voice control, we’re building solutions every day and can connect your products and services into the home.

Connected Vehicle
Whether it’s devices, entertainment, remote access or payment, we’ll deliver your vision into the connected vehicle.

Internet of Things
From strategy to execution, we understand the challenges of delivering IoT as something more than just three buzzy letters.

Experience building great products

We’re proud to have helped so many companies bring their product ideas to life. From entertainment to lawn care and from Mobile First to the Internet of Things, we enjoy the challenges each project brings to us.

We help to build solutions…

…and we help to transform.

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Our team is constantly evaluating new technology trends, surveying consumers for insight and anticipating the market impact to help you make decisions for your business.

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