Metova builds apps for any size company, from Fortune 500 to start-ups. We enjoy helping start-ups become brand names and corporations launch new products.


We focus on your goals and your success by giving you direct access to a dedicated team and working with you as ideas come to life during the development process.
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We focus on your goals, your budget, and your success.  Whether you are interested in mobile app development, desktop apps, web development, IOT, wearable apps, infrastructure, or design, we have the talent you need.

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We work with trusted brands that trust us. Before Dropbox, Yelp, and eHarmony were household names, we were building their mobile apps.  We take pride in our work and have the same goals as you – to see you be successful.

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We take a different approach than most development companies. We don’t create layers of process that can slow down work. We simply focus on your goals and provide a talented team to reach them.




The way we communicate with you as a client is extremely important and can determine the success of a project. It also happens to be one of our core values. Without effective communication, we would not be successful as a company. We believe that everyone at Metova should be excellent communicators. Yes, even developers. While our lead developers oversee projects, we don’t add a project manager or insulate you from the development team.  Our developers will give regular updates on the status of the project and have a two-way dialog with you about priorities and changes.  We start with an understanding of your project and can deliver builds to you daily, ensuring that we are on track with every project from the beginning.


You will get to know your team very well. When we start a project, we assemble a team based on your needs, and they stay on your project for as long as you need. This, combined with direct communication between you and your team, keeps the feedback loop tight and the implementation immediate. Without the distraction of other projects, your team is able to focus and deliver your ideas fast.



Software development is a dynamic process. After working on thousands of apps with millions of downloads, we have learned that it is impossible to anticipate every scenario that may arise during development. Everyone has assumptions about how software should work, but assumptions need to be validated. Throughout the life of a project, features, priorities, and goals often change; and they should. In the development world, change can be a result of learning, and it is better if it happens quickly. This allows us to spend time building things that people want instead of things they don’t. Smart, right? Well, we didn’t think of it. These ideas are influenced by Eric Ries’ book The Lean Startup, and we have transitioned our entire business to incorporate many of the concepts found in his book. Why?  Because we think it’s the best way to develop apps and, ultimately, best for you.