4 Ways to improve your website’s effectiveness today

In today’s society everyone is looking for a quick fix. Although improving your website is typically a lengthy process that includes trial and error, testing, and continual improvements, there are a few simple ways to increase your website’s effectiveness today. Four easy ways that you can impact the success of your website include: Simple SEO Improvements, Mobile Optimization, Catchy Content, and Increasing Conversion Opportunities.

 Simple SEO Improvements

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key factor in making sure that people are finding your website, able to use your website, and staying on or within your website. There are many guides that go in depth into SEO best practices. One of my favoritesis by HubSpot.  A few quick and easy ways to improve your SEO today include: keyword analysis and updates, quick usability overview, and increasing internal links.

To improve your keywords, you must first consult your analytics and keyword rankings. Once you determine which keywords are the highest performing, make sure to insert those keywords more frequently into your site within basic elements like page titles, meta descriptions of images, and of course your written content.

A usability overview is an easy way to check in on the general UX of your website and make sure that everything is working smoothly. Though this method is not as foolproof as a full UX Audit, it will give you a general idea of how everything works. When going through your website piece by piece you should be looking for key items such as: easily accessible menu items, prominent CTAs, clear and meaningful content, checkout processes, ad clutter, etc. Overall, you should be checking that everything is working smoothly. If you were visiting this site, would you find its usability easy breezy? Once you indicate areas that need improvement, fix them and see results.

The last and easiest way to improve  your website’s effectiveness through SEO is by increasing the number of internal links used throughout your site. For instance, if your blog post references a specific service that you provide, be sure to link to that service page. The more internal links your site has, the more likely it is that your visitor will find the information they are looking for.


Mobile Optimization

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More than 50% of all digital media is consumed on a mobile device. That means that if your website is not performing well on mobile devices then you are missing out on a huge portion of potential customers. Though perfecting mobile optimization can take time, there are a few things you can do now to drastically improve your site’s mobile performance. Make sure that your designs are responsive. You want your message to be clear for mobile visitors just like it is for desktop/laptop visitors even with a small percentage of the real estate. Keep text to a minimum and utilize tools like imagery and buttons to alleviate the clutter. Ensure that you can email or call directly from your website. If your visitor clicks on your phone number, it should start dialing. Likewise, if they click your email address, your mobile email should pop up. Lastly, keep the pop-ups to a minimum. No one likes pesky mobile popups that keep you from reading the content you want to see. Google has been penalizing sites that overdo mobile pop-up ads.


Create Catchy Content

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To have an effective website, your content should be geared toward catching the eye of your demographic. In order to do that, make sure you know who you’re catering to. Make sure that your images, colors, message, etc. are appealing to your potential clients. Website content should not only be informative, but it should also resonate with the reader/viewer. If you don’t feel that your content is up to par, changing copy and images are an easy step to adjust today to improve your website’s effectiveness.


Increase Conversion Opportunities

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CALLS-TO-ACTION ARE SUPER IMPORTANT. Think of calls-to-action as the mode of transportation that takes someone from a visitor to a lead. The more opportunities to convert a visitor there are, the more conversions you’ll get. By adding and improving the visualization of calls-to-action on your website you are increasing your chances of generating leads. Make sure that calls-to-action are present on all forms, in blog posts, and anywhere else they can fit comfortably. Additionally, make sure that your calls to action are visually appealing. You want to keep your CTAs clean, bold, in line with your branding, and simple.


By formulating a plan using these four quick fixes you can easily improve your website’s effectiveness. If you need help improving your website, Metova can help! 



Alexa Williams
Alexa Williams