5 ways the connected Car Can Change our Lives

The connected Car has officially arrived. Here are some ways Drivers can benefit from this new technological era.

Voice control: Use Alexa in your home? Well it’s coming to your car. With Amazon’s launch of Alexa Voice Services, automobile manufacturers, car stereo makers and more can integrate everyone’s favorite voice assistant in to their products.

Keep Your Kids Safe: Is Johnny really going to the school play and then to spend the night at friends… or is he driving out of state to gamble in Vegas? Using geofencing a connected car can follow guidelines on how far, and where it can travel.

Control Your Home: With developments such as automobile’s integration with home devices such as Nest, drivers can turn up (or down the heat) as they leave the home, lock doors, turn on lights and even automatically send alerts in the event of a fender bender.

Lower (or raise) your Insurance: Of course most of us tell insurance providers we always follow the speed limit and drive in a conservative manor, but do we all? Using telematics insurance providers will be able to identify the safest drivers and lower (ideally!) premiums, while on the flip-side finding who has a lead foot, which could raise their insurance costs.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Connectivity: Vehicle-to-Vehicle Connectivity or V2V allows vehicles to communicate in real time to other vehicles on the road or to nearby items such as gas pumps and even traffic lights. This technology will help to enable smart traffic signals, avoid collisions and much more.