5 Ways Wearables can be leveraged in the Connected Car

We all think about answering the phones, checking text messages but there’s more to leveraging wearables in the car. Wearables (i.e. Apple Watch or Android Watch) in the car are no longer in the distant future. Major automobile manufacturers including Ford, Infiniti, Nissan and Tesla are currently using this new technology to provide a better, more informed and safer experience for automobile enthusiasts.


Here are some interesting ways that automobile manufacturers can leverage a wearable connectivity.


  1. Remote Start and Stop: Start your car while in the house and get things going, so when you get in the car you’re ready to go. Accidentally leave the car running? Turn it off remotely… all from your wrist watch.
  2. Electric Cars: Wondering if you’re fueled up and ready to make the trek across the mountain or down the coast? Check your car’s charge state from your smartwatch.
  3. Location: Arrive from a 7-day trip on a red eye and having trouble remembering your parking spot? Check your wearable to find where you parked.
  4. Automobile Configuration: You may have used the ability to save your preferred seat height and angle adjustments, but now with your smartwatch you can save items including  A/C settings, Radio configuration, mirror position and more.
  5. Parental Controls: Set a speed limit threshold and receive an alert you when the car goes over, or use Geofencing to ensure children aren’t leaving certain areas.