App Store Improvements- Will It Affect Your iOS App?

Starting tomorrow – Wednesday September 7th, Apple will begin reviewing iOS apps in the App Store. They will be looking for ones that may have passed under the radar as technology improves and the App Store rules have changed. Apple says they will be reviewing apps in every category of the App Store.


Is Your App at Risk?

If you haven’t taken a look at your iOS app in a while, now is the time to do so. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would your Apple app pass a review using the current App Store Guidelines?
  • Does your application function as a user would expect based on  iOS best practices?
  • Do your app description and screenshots reflect the current version of your application accurately?
  • Have updates to the iOS operating system or devices made your app buggy?
  • Does your app crash upon launch?


How Long Do I Have?

If you are notified that your iOS app no longer makes the grade, Apple will give you 30 days to fix and resubmit it. Apple will keep your app in the store unless it crashes upon launch, in which  it will be removed immediately.


What About My Users?

Even if your iOS app is removed from the store, your current users will still be able to access the application and access and buy in-app purchases. Your number of new users will come to a halt, however, since your application can no longer be discovered or downloaded from the App Store.


We can help you update your Apple app!

Jennifer Pike
Jennifer Pike