Avatalker Gives Autistic and Non-Verbal Children a Voice

Jan. 31, 2014 – Metova’s partner, Aurora Symbols, released their first application today to the App Store. Avatalker AAC is an intuitive application created specifically to assist children in communication. With an impressive library of words and phrases, conversation topics can range from a friendly greeting to a dislike of school. The text size is large and the voices are clear and friendly.

Children can easily navigate through the words and phrases using large buttons and intuitive scrolling. The bright, well-illustrated images are carefully designed for autistic children to easily recognize situations and concepts. The application is broken into two phases to allow for communication based on a child’s abilities. The first phase is a collection of pre-made sentences for basic wants and needs. Phase two allows for full sentence creation, complete with articles and verb conjugation. Buttons can be customized to include people, places, words, and phrases that are familiar to the child. Download the app here. Learn more about Avatalker by following them on Twitter, liking them on Facebook or visiting

Aurora Symbols was founded by a team of designers and special educator who care deeply for children with autism, particularly those with communication deficits. Aurora Symbols teams with specialists in various fields to continue designing and developing software solutions that will help developmentally-delayed children achieve their potentials. You can find Aurora Symbols on the web at


Metova is a technology company made up of Metova and Metova Federal. Metova develops custom applications for Web, smartphone and tablet platforms, including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. John Adams serves as CEO and Dave McAllister serves as president. The Metova brand employs more than 85 people in four cities: Nashville, Tenn. (Metova’s headquarters), Cabot, Ark., Augusta, Ga. and Washington D.C. You can find Metova on Facebook at, LinkedIn at, Twitter at, or on the Web at

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Jennifer Pike
Jennifer Pike