Awesome new mobile app from Metova, Thank Dog! Bootcamp

That headline is not meant derisively at all. But, when we first found out about this new app built by Franklin-based developer Metova, we admittedly had a palm-to-forehead-holy-crap-what-will-they-think-of-next moment. Do y’all ever get those? Anywho, this new app, Thank Dog! Bootcamp, built for the workout program developed in California a few years ago, combines cardio and strength training with obedience training for dogs.

The 99-cent app features 20 1-hour routines during which listen to their music as they are guided through the program.

“All walking/jogging/running and strength-building exercises are performed accompanied by their dog, and dog obedience commands are integrated into every part of the routine. Exercises are performed with the aid of a resistance band worn like a sash, and users can refer to the app’s user interface at any time to pause, repeat, look at graphics, or view how-to videos.”

Metova recently sold a majority stake to Arkansas’ A4 Solutions. Additionally, the company’s development team won Software Developer/Architect of the Year at last night’s Technology Awards Gala.


By Walker Duncan, Editor, SouthernAlpha

This article originally appeared in SouthernAlpha.

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