Developer Spotlight: iOS extraordinaire, Arturo Díaz

Metova iOS Developer Arturo Díaz has worked on apps in areas including: e-commerce, language learning, and even an application to watch videos of cats. Currently at Metova, Díaz is working on FinTech applications, while investing his free time to develop a news application dedicated to the situation in Syria. Arturo has also recently created a great tutorial on utilizing dark mode for iOS, generously sharing it with colleagues. When he’s not coding or helping others, Arturo enjoys photography and playing guitar.

We sat down with Arturo to learn more on topics including his hobbies, his work, his hometown of Guadalajara, and even the important issue debated by electric guitarists: “who’s better SRV or Hendrix?”


Where is your hometown?
I’m from Guadalajara, that is the capital of the state of Jalisco and the second largest city in Mexico.

What is something that is interesting about your hometown?
Well, Guadalajara is by many seen as the cultural center of Mexico. It’s where the mariachi music originated and where many large cultural events are held, such as the Guadalajara International Film Festival or the Guadalajara International Book Fair. What is so unique about the city is that the city itself is very historical while it has managed to become the tech hub of the country, and therefore called “the Silicon Valley of Mexico” Also we have the Tequila (originated in Tequila, a small town near of GDL. )

What sort of tech projects do you work on?
I have been involved in many projects, such as e-commerce, a language learning application and even an application to watch videos exclusively of cats. I currently work on a banking application and invest my free time in a news application dedicated to the situation in Syria.

Android or iPhone?
What can I say? I’m an iOS Developer, so the iPhone is my thing.

Mac or PC?
Easy! Mac

What is ‘Dark Mode’ and why did you create a tutorial on how to use it?
Dark mode is a colour scheme that uses light-coloured text, icons, and graphical user interface elements on a dark background. This is an inversion of the default colour scheme on iOS and other apps, which is generally black or dark text and icons on a white background.

Why did I create the tutorial? I don’t trust anyone that doesn’t use a dark theme, (just kidding). Well, the thing is that Dark Mode is a relatively new feature in iOS. So it all started when I wanted to learn how to adopt it in a project and then it seemed like a good idea to create a document for anyone to consult. I also wanted to motivate my colleagues to take it into account for current projects and those that are to come, since it is very easy to implement and that gives greater value to applications.

Have you made any other tutorials?
Well, not one as documented as this, but it is in my plans to do more tutorials.

Electric or Acoustic (guitar)?
This is a tough one. I enjoy playing both but I have more preference for electric.

SRV or Hendrix?
Easy. I rather the incessantly inventive psych-blues solos and the dirty sound of Hendrix. He’s more about the feeling rather than the virtuosity. His playing was effortless. It feels like music it’s all flowing through him.

Fender or Marshall?
Marshall, but I’d like to have some Orange gear someday.

Do you have any favorite guitar effects?
Overdrive! But I almost always use the raw sound that the amp gives.

When did you first get into taking photos?
Well, since I was a child I learned to take photos thanks to my brothers -one is a designer and the other worked for Kodak – but it was not until 2012 that I really started practicing constantly. I am not a professional but it is a hobby that I like to practice.

Did you begin with traditional film… or are you all digital?
I have used film, but mostly digital.

Do you manipulate your photos using photoshop or other processes?
I usually use Lightroom, just for color corrections.

Do you print your photos?
Not all, only the ones I liked the most.