Does Your Logo Matter?

Despite our previous blogs on language, content, and color – may you never forget the importance of your logo. Keeping your company’s logo fresh and relevant is vital to branding success. If you’re looking to redesign your company’s logo, we recommend keeping the essence of your existing logo for consistency. After all, this is one way people recognize you.

Logos Need Love, Too

Your logo is your company’s first impression. It sets the tone for what is expected when users and customers approach you. If your logo seems outdated or disconnected from your brand, you may experience trouble attracting new customers. Your logo should be cared for, and held to the highest standards. Be sure to set guidelines on how and where to use your logo.

Your logo should be cared for, and held to the highest standards.

It’s important to keep up with trends, but we would advise staying away from fleeting trends. While they may seem cool in the moment, your brand could become outdated quicker than you’d like.

When Should You Update Your Logo?

It’s more realistic and cost-efficient to revisit your logo every 5-8 years, kind of like a mattress. As we mentioned earlier, trends tend to change rapidly – and you don’t want your logo to be left behind. However, your logo may not require a massive overhaul. A few tweaks here and there can rejuvenate it and keep your logo looking fresh!

Here are a few sites you can check out to make sure you’re on your logo game:



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Trent Nicholson
Trent Nicholson