Metova Spotlight: Hector Calva, Senior UI UX Designer

Our latest spotlight is with Hector Calva, Senior UI UX Designer at Metova. We learn about his design philosophy, food he recommends, his favorite podcasts, how empathy can inform his designs – and a lot more.

It’s been quite a year for the world. What are some changes to your life and activities you have made in the past year?

I can say that the biggest change for me is adapting to this “home office” way of work. This is the very first time that I’ve done this full-time.  I  have worked on some freelance projects but never spent the entire day working from home.I can tell now how important it is to have a good chair to sit in all  day. I’m setting up a small place like a workstation with a desk, books and speakers.

Another thing is that now I’m trying to take care of my eating habits. Sometimes when I was at the office I needed to buy something outside, but I do prefer home food rather than fast food.


Do you have any overall feelings on design that influences your approach on projects?

I always try to start from 0. Each time I start to work on any project I really love to listen to understand what we really are solving, and at this phase I get excited and imagine stuff, sketching ideas in my mind, and start working.


What types of projects are you working on?

Right now on a Music project, I think there are some things in the world that are so powerful that actually can change your feelings, one song can prompt your entire day or boost a feeling that you already have.


What is your favorite type of design project to work on?

Projects that bring the physical world to the digital world are my favorite.

I was lucky to work on a project that the owner was trying to digitize the process of auto workshops to avoid human error and make the way that mechanics work more efficient. The shop owner can see what cars are currently being repaired and what cars will be next. For the mechanics, before they start working on a car, they can ask for all the parts involved in the service and the customers know exactly what was wrong with their car, and when it will be ready to pick it. 


Are there any unique foods in Guadalajara that you would recommend someone try?

You definitely need to try “Carne en su jugo” (Meat on its juice) I believe it is the best dish here.

I’m from another state and I’ve never heard about this food, Jalisco is famous for their “Tortas Ahogadas” (Drowned Sandwiches, maybe this is the closest translation), but I’m not really into it when my family comes to visit or friends the first stop is “Karnes Garibaldi” this restaurant has a Guinness Record to serve you this dish in a record time is really awesome and tasty.


How do you get around in Guadalajara?

When my daughter is with me, I use the car, but when I’m alone I ride my motorcycle, which actually is the best buy of my entire life. I know it can be dangerous driving in a big populated city, but I don’t really ride fast or crazy.

What are some of your favorite podcasts?

Leyendas Legendarias (It’s a comedy podcast where every week you explore stories of serial killers, ghosts, and quirky, notorious, or fantastic historical events.)

The Dollop (Tells stories from American history, in a funny way)


What are feelings of empathy for those around you and even with strangers?

I do like to understand people in general, trying to really know about the background of their behaviors. A common saying in UX is: “What people do and think are absolutely different things,” and if you add to this phrase “What are they feeling?” It’s a lot of complex human behavior.


Once COVID-19 is no longer a threat, where in the world would you like to visit?

I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland, that could be an option, but maybe closer could be Las Vegas.


Mac or PC?

Mac. I’m not against PCs, I once worked for 4 years on a PC, but most of the tools that I use are on Mac OS – and some tools only exist on a Mac.


Android or iPhone?

You know… I have spent a lot of time using the iPhone. My first one was the 4s, but now I’m rethinking it. I think there are really good non-Apple devices there, and recently I’m not seeing a really big difference to continue with Apple – and the iPhone prices are really getting crazy.


Alexa or Google Assistant?

I do not have an assistant, maybe that could sound weird since we are working with technology, yesterday I saw a TikTok from a guy with a Big mouth Billy Bass fish, and this one has Alexa built-in, and when you talk to Alexa the fish turn his head, haha like he is listening to you and moves his mouth to talk like  Alexa I may buy one of those haha…


What emerging technology are you excited about becoming mainstream in the next 10 years?

I hope that AR/VR can grow faster, this can bring a new age of digital experiences to everyone. From entertainment to healthcare, education, etc.