How Metova’s Lead Architect Can Help You

Ben joined Metova in 2010 as a developer after receiving his degree in Software Engineering at Auburn University. He quickly became an expert at developing for Android, iOS, Flash, and Java-based web development. Ben was promoted to Lead Developer in 2013 and took a more active role in managing the development process and mentoring fellow developers. During this time, he became intrigued with the sales process and its effects on developers and projects. By sitting in on sales calls frequently, reviewing estimates, and implementing tools for the team, Ben developed a general understanding of how to use his technical skills to enhance the sales process.

In order to utilize his skills and give the sales team additional technical support, Metova created and assigned the Lead Architect position to Ben. His new role will assist Metova in offering potential customers a mobile solution that is in line with their goals, providing a solid architecture for that solution, and ensuring initial design and development scope is feasible and fully defined for all parties involved. Ben will also provide new customers technical guidance and consultation as well as effectively transition projects from sales to the development process.

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Jennifer Pike
Jennifer Pike