Metova’s Turnkey Fleet Management IoT Solution

Quickly Capture Value

Draw on Metova’s industry, technology,
and strategic experience.

We provide a single pre-configured package that includes:

— Functional Proof-of-concept in under 12 weeks
 Multiple options to map geographic data and sites
Accelerated business results through analyzed data
Integrated and synchronized asset data with ERP Finance & Maintenance modules
Broad, manufacturer agnostic distribution, services, and scalability

Our turnkey IoT solutions are tested, integrated, and shown in production to reduce the path to value from months down to weeks – with less risk

Best Of Breed Architecture

Data Management

Our IoT Offerings

Predictive Maintenance

Monitor equipment history, environment and utilization in real-time to prevent issues before downtime occurs

Asset Performance Management

Monitor equipment performance and utilization in real-time and diagnose potential issues before downtime occurs

Assets Tracking

Track location and movement of assets in real-time to improve efficiency and have visibility – direct on a map

Solution Ecosystem

+ More to Come

Turnkey IoT Featuring:

Predictive Maintenance & Asset Monitoring

Clients have a faster, easier path to the advantages of predictive maintenance and asset monitoring with turnkey IoT:

5–15% increased OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)

15–30% reduced unplanned downtime

10–20% increased throughput and on-time delivery

20–30% reduced maintenance costs

10–35% improved quality

Turnkey IoT Featuring:

Fleet Asset Management & Tracking

Potential business benefits from asset performance management include:

10-40% reduced reactive maintenance

5-25% improved employee productivity

2-6% increased asset availability

Locating inventory, assets, and equipment in the field, inside warehouses, or during the manufacturing process

Maintaining service assets in the field based on usage

Turnkey Fleet Management IoT featuring asset performance management optimizes long-term asset operation and maintenance planning to help ensure all maintainable assets consistently carry out their intended functions. Minimizes surprises with Metova!

Our asset tracking accelerator helps fast-track integration of data from RFID, GPS, BlueTooth, LoraWAN, CANbus, ERP and other business systems, to provide real-time analytics and visualization.

Turnkey IoT Featuring:

Our Turnkey Solution Diagram

How We Do It:

Think big.
Start small.
Scale fast.

Our approach alleviates the complexity of navigating  technology and network partners, enabling clients to proactively mitigate risks to focus on strategic initiatives and business goals.

Jumpstart the process with
IoT turnkey Fleet Management:

— Metova client workshops

give clients a view on the “art of the possible” and a roadmap for how they can transform their business.

— Pre-configured IoT accelerators

tailored to a specific business area, can dramatically reduce the time and effort required to get digital solutions up and running via IoT, typically delivering value in under 12 weeks.

— We apply an agile process

to allow businesses to respond quickly to evolving needs, reduce time between request and delivery, avoid quality issues, and meet project commitments.

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