Is your app on Fire? Amazon Fire TV Announced

Yesterday Amazon announced a new device, Amazon Fire TV. Similar to the Apple TV and Roku, it allows users to stream TV shows, movies, music, and download apps. Amazon Fire TV stands out in that it is built for gaming, even supporting its own gaming controller. A quad-core processor, 2GB memory, support for surround sound, and Amazon payment integration are just a few of the device’s perks.

While its specs are sure to complement media and game apps, the ability for an application to be displayed on a large screen in the middle of a user’s home should not be downplayed. When users are done playing games and watching shows and movies, applications that help users day-to-day and hour-to-hour are front and center

Supporting Amazon Fire could be just what your app needs. It is an avenue other than the Play store where potential users will see your application. With a larger screen, not only may your application stand out more, but bystanders will also be more likely to view it.

Updating your Android application for use on Amazon Fire TV is simple. First off, the application’s design needs to be considered. Instead of being viewed on a small screen the user views closely, the application will need to look good on a much larger screen from about 10 feet away. If it doesn’t, a bit of design tweaking should do the trick. The next step is to evaluate how Amazon Fire’s remotes will work with your application. A few hours of development may be needed to update the interactions.

If you want to create an application for Amazon Fire TV or are interested in adding support for your current project, contact us!

Developers can learn more about Amazon Fire here.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Jennifer Pike
Jennifer Pike