Back to Launch a New Era of Lawn Care Services: Metova and Willow Street Lawns Spearhead Joint Venture

With the completed merger, Metova Strategies offers turnkey digital consulting, design, and development while also delivering world-class near shore staffing solutions

BENTONVILLE, Ark., — Josh Smith of Metova and Quinn Childress of Willow Street Lawns announced a joint venture between the two companies. The strategic partnership is set to revitalize With a shared vision to revolutionize the lawn care industry by connecting customers directly with providers, we aim to integrate cutting-edge technology and reimagine the services provided by Lawnly.

Metova CEO, Josh Smith, known for his expertise in creating tailored digital solutions across various sectors, joins forces with Quinn Childress, of Willow Street Lawns. This collaboration combines their knowledge and ingenuity in developing forward-thinking, customer-focused lawn care solutions.

Smith expresses his excitement about the partnership,

“In our collective journey as service providers, founders, and operators of SaaS companies, we have seen firsthand the transformative power of technology and user-focused strategy. Today, as we announce our partnership and the relaunch of, we bring this combined experience directly to the customer. We aim to greatly improve the lawn care industry, merging our unique insights, technological expertise, and a deep understanding of customer needs to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Our goal is to make lawn care services more efficient and customer-focused, helping simplify the entire process while making it digital.”

The upcoming relaunch of will leverage advanced technology to enhance the user experience, streamlining lawn care maintenance and offering customers a more personalized and efficient approach. The goal is to create a platform that encourages innovation within the lawn care industry.

Childress shared his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying,

“Partnering with Metova and their expertise in digital product and software development allows us to apply our comprehensive understanding of the lawn care industry while eliminating many of the most frustrating administrative pain points for both the service provider and the customer. We are looking forward to bringing our vision to life and redefining the possibilities within the industry through the relaunch of The vision behind Lawnly is to help lawn care service providers to have full time work they otherwise wouldn’t have and for them to become full time entrepreneurs. For lawn care customers, our vision is to get their lawn serviced within 2 days or less. For established lawn care companies who may not need new work, our technology also supports them by streamlining the referral process while still getting paid.” will cater to a wide range of customer needs, serving both residential homeowners and commercial enterprises. The platform’s user-friendly interface will enable customers to customize their lawn care plans, schedule services effortlessly, track their delivery, as-well-as simplify the payment process.

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About Lawnly is an innovative online platform that modernizes and streamlines the lawn care experience. Its user-friendly interface allows customers to easily schedule and manage their lawn care services. By customizing their lawn care plans according to their specific needs and preferences, makes the process of maintaining a beautiful lawn more efficient and personalized than ever before.

About Willow Street Lawns: Quinn Childress, the industrious owner of Willow Street Lawns, built a thriving lawn care business from the age of 15, arising from humble beginnings. A Computer Engineering graduate from the University of Arkansas, Childress combines his unique mix of real-world experience and academic prowess to shape the future of the lawn care industry.

About Metova Strategies: Metova Strategies, a verified veteran-owned business, is dedicated to empowering businesses with an all-encompassing suite of technology and talent solutions, inspired by the significance of effective decision-making, communication, and team performance. Our customized approach, tailored to the client’s unique needs and goals, focuses on scaling operations, optimizing digital product development, and assembling exceptional teams for enduring success.

Alondra Cruz
Alondra Cruz