Message From Metova CEO – 2020 Outlook

Metova’s success is based on our team’s passion supported by our core values; Empathy, Communication, Commitment, Accountability, and a Solution-Focused outlook. Through these core values and passion, we strive to develop new technology solutions for a better life – for our clients and their customers.

Metova continues to advance, grow, and evolve. We continue to serve our clients and each other with a high degree of thoughtfulness and compassion. We are building a platform for ourselves and those who will join our ranks as individuals, and as teams, to deliver on our “Boutique at Scale” vision.

Through this approach, our clients get the best of both worlds when it comes to getting the innovation they need to get it done right, to get it done quickly and at the highest quality possible. WE MAKE OUR CLIENTS’ VISION A REALITY. WE ARE INNOVATORS. We are setting a new standard for transparency in our industry. A standard that is uniquely ours. People know what we stand for and what they can expect from us.

This applies to how we operate internally, within our community, and to our work with partners and clients, creating a bond of trust.

Today, more than ever, our strategy of sustainable measured growth allows us to navigate these uncertain times with a high degree of accuracy that is purposeful and measured so that we are able to maintain our commitments to each other, our clients, our communities, and our investors.


Josh Smith

CEO, Metova

Jonathan Sasse
Jonathan Sasse