Metova Announces IoT Security Audit Services

Metova Announces IoT Security Audit Services

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World Leader in Mobile Apps, Embedded Systems and Cybersecurity Brings Expertise to Secure IoT Devices and the Connected Home

FRANKLIN, Tenn. and CONWAY, Ark., June 20, 2017 – Metova, a world leading app, IoT and development company with customers including Microsoft, Yale, eHarmony and Dropbox, today announced a new IoT Security Audit Service allowing companies to test and verify the security of their connected home, IoT and embedded systems offerings. The service is offered as part of Metova’s IoT and embedded development efforts, or as a first step in bringing existing code in-house to take over development for existing products.

According to a March 2017 Gartner report, “Many (although not all) manufacturers of IoT devices and developers of IoT applications appear to be repeating history by doing little to reduce security risks in design or coding, leaving it up to SRM leaders to address as a layered design. New and different device types, networks, application platforms and data flows introduced by IoT also represent potential points of increased risk.”1  With Metova’s cybersecurity offerings used by entities including US Navy, Air National Guard and the Department of Defense, combined with world-leading app and embedded system development expertise, Metova is uniquely positioned to provide customers with the hardened cybersecurity essential in today’s connected world.

“Through our work on IoT and Embedded systems projects, we have developed a series of ongoing tests and processes that identify security holes allowing us to address and remediate any possible issues,” said Dave Lane, CTO at Metova. “As connected devices become integrated tools in our everyday life and business, maintaining security to resist malicious hacks becomes essential.”

For more information on Metova’s IoT and Embedded services, please visit:

The Metova IoT Security Audit Service includes a review of:

  • Authentication and Authorization Code
  • Update Signing and Update Mechanisms
  • Certificate Pinning and Secure Data In Transit
  • UDP Fragmentation Protection
  • DNS Amplification and NTP Reflection Protection
  • Device Encryption
  • Data Privacy Protection
  • Web Interface Security
  • Network Services Security
  • Physical Security

1Gartner Don’t Let Your IoT Projects Fail: Use the Right IoT Security Pattern to Protect Them, March 2017

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