Metova CyberCENTS & Sonalysts to Develop Cyber Training Simulators for USAF

CABOT, Ark., June 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Metova CyberCENTS, a cutting-edge authority in cybersecurity simulation and training, today announced the company has joined with Prime Contractor, Sonalysts, Inc., to develop interactive and immersive training simulators for US Air Force Cyber Weapon Systems.

Phase I of the Small Business Innovation Research project includes identifying and defining the current state of cyber training capability for the Air Force. Assessing training capabilities and outlining a cyber training simulator that can leverage the current architecture and provide training with live, virtual, constructive, distributed, multi-unit exercises.

The Sonalysts/Metova CyberCENTS team will consider the current state of US Air Force cyber training, existing capabilities and technology as well as real-world cyber threats. From the research, the team will propose a simulator solution capable of preparing Cyber Mission Force (CMF) Cyber Warriors with the ability to protect and defend Air Force networks against cyber attacks.

Metova CyberCENTS, a division of Metova Federal, LLC., is at the forefront of extraordinary advances in constructive cyber range technology. Notably, the creation of Cyberoperations Enhanced Network and Training Simulators (CENTS®) platforms that provide an integrated, live, virtual, constructive cyber range environment for training, exercising, and testing full-spectrum cyberspace capabilities.  Metova CyberCENTS’ Sentinel-Legion-Autobuild-Myrmidon-Reconstitution (SLAM-R©) powers each CENTS® platform and delivers fully attributable traffic and attacks. Metova CyberCENTS’ cadre of cyber range solutions provide an immersive, network-safe environment for cyber training, exercises, tactics development and experimentation. The ease of integration and use is integral to providing cyber warriors with the skills and tools needed to prepare them for real-world cyber-attacks.

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Using state-of-the-art training simulators much like those used by fighter pilots, CENTS® was developed in 2006 to support cyber training and operations for the US Air Force. Following a decade of success and continual refinement, today CENTS® is the pre-eminent product portfolio for preparing cyber operators to detect and defend against malicious actors. CENTS® provides a powerful, realistic, risk-free simulated environment for training, developing and testing response actions to routine, zero-day, and catastrophic events.