Metova Developer Spotlight – Christian Goodman

Christian Goodman spends most of his working hours leading a team of iOS, Android, and Web developers, interfacing with Metova clients, sprint management and writing user stories. But outside of work, he’s taken his technological know how and confidence to modify and optimize an already renowned and capable car, the Subaru WRX, in to a beast. Modifications include new injectors, a Cobb SS 3″ Downpipe, a Perrin Turbo Inlet and countless other upgrades in his pursuit of speed.

We sat down with Christian to ask his opinions on cars, digital disruption, driving tips, if a car can beat a motorcycle and a lot more – even sushi.

Trans-am or Camaro?
Camaro. I just never found myself a Trans-am fan.

El Camino or Ranchero?
The mullet on wheels, hands down. A red 1970 El Camino SS is on my bucket list of cars.

iPhone or Android?
Oh that’s a dangerous question to ask an Android developer.

I’ve had many a lengthy debate (which I always win) with others in the Fayetteville office but I’ll try and answer this unbiasedly.

Things Android has going for it:
– Variety. Cost variety. Not happy with your device? Try a Samsung, or a Huawie, Motorola, Oppo, LG, Sony, HTC, Google, etc.
– Android is constantly several years ahead of Apple. Wireless charging, IR, Haptic feedback, IP68 certified. Biometrics. etc etc.
– Expandable memory
– Google Assistant. Siri is capable but there really is no competition.
– Customization

Things Apple has going for it:
– iMessage can be extraordinarily useful when you actually need it. I note a single instance I wish I had iMessage in the past 5 years
– In the past, the speed and performance of the iPhone lineup has been more consistent than Android
– Device support via the Apple Store / customer service is almost decent
– XS Max holds the spot for 9th best mobile camera behind 8 Android devices. At least it made the top 10, right? (source DxOMark)
– Maybe next year they’ll release a $999 stand you can use to hold your phone too.

I may have lied about not being biased.

Top reportable speed?
Did you know, at least for the state of Arkansas, a street racing charge is worse than a DWI charge as far as license points / fines go.

The fastest I’ve ever been in a vehicle is 160mph. I don’t recall if I was driving.

What industries do you think are ready for digital transformation?
To start, my local city water/sewer department really needs to get a website / app to allow me to pay my water bill :shakefist:

Really, for the near future I think we’ll continue to see these smaller companies choose to further their growth digitally. Take our recent client TruGreen for instance. A lawncare service typically spread by word of mouth in the past chose to continue their growth by taking a foothold in the digital age. The mom n’ pop industry is a prime example ready to grow through digital transformation.

I also think the Transit industry will start to see changes soon. Trains and their operators, buses, airplanes and ATC, cars etc.. There is still a lot of operator control over these methods of transport / shipping that I think we’ll see start to new digital improvements in coming years.

How can tech help cars?
Technology is the dominating factor of advancement in the auto industry for the modern era. There’s been a shift from style and performance driven purchases towards overall feature set and comfort, in my opinion. Back up cameras, tire pressure systems and on board diagnostics, ABS and stability control, airbag and collision detection systems, GPS, bluetooth, CarPlay and Android Auto etc.. These are the items the average consumer is looking for nowadays. Granted, you’ll still find petrolheads and true enthusiast who think differently.

Just look at some of the things Tesla is doing with cars. Ignoring the ethical debates surrounding some of these matters, Tesla is revitalizing more or less every key aspect of the automobile.
Safety, performance, style, green factor, feature set – you name it. I think Tesla’s vision for the future is further off than most think, but it’s coming nonetheless.

Can a car beat a motorcycle?
Any bike bigger than a starter bike (>300cc) will run laps around most normal production cars
It’d cost a pretty penny to start competing against higher end bikes. Most liter bikes (>1000cc) run 0-60mph under 3 seconds for less than $15,000. Very few production vehicles under 100k can even come close to that.

There are some notable outliers though, such as the Telsa Model S which can run an impressive 2.8 seconds. Or the new Roadster which claims 1.9 seconds. I want a Roadster so incredibly bad. Elon, will you give me a Roadster please?

Do you tailgate people?
Absolutely not. I was always taught to be the defensive driver. It’s up to me to look after myself and my car because other people certainly aren’t. Owning several motorcycles definitely helps drive that point even further home. There are some _really_ bad drivers out there.

Not to mention, on average, tailgating and reckless driving via speeding or weaving in and out of traffic saves none-to-minimal amounts of time anyways. Why risk it for an extra minute or two?

What is your daily driver tech set-up like? (bluetooth, CarPlay, AM radio..etc)
– Bluetooth.
– Waze / Spotify or Audible usually running
– Phone mounted to a vent via a Scosche magic mount

Car Nut.
– Cobb Accessport for monitoring vital performance data from the ECU
– Digital gauges for boost, AFR, ethanol content, and fuel temp

Any driving tips for not-crazy drivers?
In general, just be more defensive. Assume the person in front of you is on their phone while eating a bowl of cereal and trying to shave their face all at the same time. They may even check their mirror and look over their shoulder but if their distracted it doesn’t mean they actually saw you.

More specifically, one of the best purchases I ever made was a pair of wide-angled convex mirrors. Some modern cars will have these dual-paned mirrors with a slim wide-angle portion or more frequently, you’ll see people with small convex mirror “dots”. Both of which can help but also block some of your vision. My dad always taught me to look over my shoulder before changing lanes to ‘double check’ but even that can be hazardous. For less than $50 and like 20 minutes of your time you can install new mirrors in your vehicle. It’s really just a couple screws and plastic clips.

It does take a bit of getting used to having an extra 30-50 degrees of vision out of both mirrors but you can be certain no-one is in your blindspot without obstructing dots or shoulder checks.

You’ve worked on projects for the top satellite radio provider in the world. Do you have any thoughts or forecasts about the future of music and radio?
I think Radio as our parents knew it is essentially dead and on the way out. I, for one, can’t remember the last time I listened to the am/fm radio in my car. I don’t want to listen to my favorite song then be followed by an artist I don’t enjoy. I want that choice and thus radio is dying, however, audio isn’t.

Which is an important point.

Audio is a daily factor in our lives for relaxation, concentration, relieving stress and anger etc. But people want to listen to their niche. Rather that be Audiobooks on Audible. Your favorite dubstep or 90’s alternative Spotify playlist. 70’s on 7, 80’s on 8, or listen to Howard Stern ramble on 24/7. There’s a niche out there for everything, and if there isn’t there will be soon.

This is one thing SiriusXM does well – providing people easy access to what they want to listen to. I see that trend only continuing to grow stronger.

Personally, I’m excited to show my kids my favorite dubstep playlist and listen to them complain about my old people music.

Have you ever caught and then eaten a fish? How did you cook it?
Actually, no. Some of my coworkers may know how much I hate fish. Especially ocean dwelling fish. Too spooky for me.

I’ve been fishing with my father/grandfather many times but I can’t say I’ve ever eaten the fish after.

Favorite Sushi roll?
So the whole fish problems also translates here as well; however, I will eat some sushi. Sushi isn’t as “fishy” as eating actual fish for whatever reason but I’m still picky.

Sushi House in Bentonville Arkansas is the best sushi I’ve had my entire life (and I’ve spent time in East Asia). I always get a Sam’s Roll (Mixed Fish, Jalapeno, Crab, Avocado, Cream Cheese, Deep Fried w/Spring Mix) or a Razorback roll (Shrimp Tempura, Avocado, Crab, Cream Cheese, w/Salmon or Eel on top. Comes on fire). Yes, I know those aren’t ‘real’ Sushi..

What tips do you have for someone looking to modify their vehicle? 
First, honestly it’s not that hard. If you can use a wrench and don’t mind laying on your back in the garage for hours at a time anyone can do it. A car is really just held together by an infinite amount of 10/12mm bolts, you just need to know which ones to take off.. Everything I learned came from Youtube.Second, start small. There’s a world of difference between the ~200hp sedan you driven for 10 years and a 500hp monster you plan to build. I love the noises, turbo flutter, fire out the exhaust on heavy shifts, sweet smell of corn in the air while sitting at stop-lights – but that’s not for everyone. Slow progression can help you figure out and plan your long term goals.

Lastly, do your homework. Research, learn what others have done – what worked, what didn’t, typical problems people encounter with certain parts and mods and why they occurred. Start making an ordered list of progression of what you plan to do and then do your research over that list 3 more times.

Sure you can buy am Ebay turbo and NOS kit and give your Civic 500hp in a week, but half of your engine is going to be laying on the street in a month.

Reliability > Performance.

You should know what parts do what, how they get installed, why you would choose to buy one brand’s part over another, and the benefits and drawbacks of said part before you ever put it in your cart. If your not having fun doing all of the above before even owning the parts, you might reconsider modding your vehicle.