Metova Joins Amazon Web Services Partner Network

Metova is a proud member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network!

Check out Metova’s listing on the AWS Partner Network website HERE!

To get more detail on what this means for Metova, and our customers, we asked Kent Watson, Vice President of Technology at Metova and  Joey Nelson, Vice President Sales at Metova for more detail.


Why did Metova seek to be in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network?

Metova has a long history of building mobile, web, and IoT solutions based on the AWS platform for our clients.  We started deploying client solutions to AWS in 2012, including solutions with a global user base and GDPR compliance.  Metova depends on the breadth and scalability of AWS services to provide our clients with a solution they can depend on.  Our experience on the AWS platform is a natural fit to join the AWS Partner Network.  Partnering with AWS brings additional resources to helping new customers on their digital transformation journey to create a mobile-first, cloud-backed experience for internal employees and external customers.

How does this serve existing and future customers?

The AWS PN will allow us to connect with potential new clients in a way that our skills align with their needs on the AWS platform. The PN allows for different funding benefits for client projects backed by Amazon built on their platform along with providing technical advisement and sales and marketing assistance.

Amazon has a broad range of applications and tools Metova can utilize to expedite and facilitate client needs to achieve their business goals. From cloud computing to DevOps to container services and many more Metova has deep experience and understanding and can provide the right solutions for our clients.

Does this designation serve mobile, web and “Connected” technologies alike?

Yes, all of the above. Basically, any modern application or physical device that moves data from one place to another that has a backend deployed in a cloud environment such as the AWS platform.

Does this directly benefit the end customer (consumer)?

By partnering with Amazon and working with our customers to innovate and deliver new products, consumers will have access to new solutions to make their lives easier and more entertaining. From improved shopping experiences to simplifying daily tasks or making things more accessible, Amazon and Metova can provide a new level of service to the end customer.