Metova rolls out phone-restricting app, Wi-Fi Parent

Nashville PostCool Springs-based app developer Metova has wrapped up the development of Wi-Fi Parent, a tool that will let mom and dad put limits on when their children can use their Android mobile devices. Wi-Fi Parent is based outside Kansas City and is the brainchild of software architect and frustrated dad Stephen Pickell.

“I was already paying $4.99 a month for a service through my carrier that could set curfews on placing calls or texting, but it couldn’t turn-off Wi-Fi, music or games. Kids are smart enough and technologically savvy enough to know that just because they can’t call their friends, doesn’t mean they can’t Skype them. That’s how this app came about.”


By Geert De Lombaerde, Editor, Nashville Post

This article originally appeared in the Nashville Post.