Metova’s 2019 in Review – IoT, Digital Transformation, the Connected World and Much More

2019 was an amazing year here at Metova. We continued our work in the connected world in areas including IoT, the Connected Home, the Connected Car, marketing services and mobile apps.

We garnered some great accolades, were covered by some impressive media, celebrated the 1-year anniversary of our Guadalajara office, Metova’s Jonathan Sasse wrote on Digital Transformation for Forbes, and much more. Here are some highlights from Metova’s 2019…

Nashville Ledger: Metova wins IoT Breakthrough Award

MobiHealthNews: Patients more willing to seek care if they can see cost on smartphone

VOICES: Voting Technology: The Innovations Set to Revolutionize US Elections 

FORBES: Disrupt Or Be Disrupted: Seven Steps To Digital Transformation 

Tech Republic: People still have no idea what IoT actually is 

Insider Car News: Metova Proves We Love to Use the Internet While Driving 

Metova Named Advanced Technology Partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network

Wall Street Journal: Tips on How to Make Your House Smarter

Fender Bender: Survey: Lofty Expectations for Connected Technology

Ratchet + Wrench: Offering a Connected Experience

Lastly, we began and are continuing a series of Metova Developer Spotlights – these allow readers get to know some of our amazing developers a bit more while learning about topics including knitting, car-tuning, boxing, birding and Jiu Jitsu, with more to come. To see the listing of Metova’s Developer Spotlights, click HERE.