Mobile Self Service – Metova’s Specialty

Smartphones are increasingly the go-to place for us to order the goods and services we need. This has long been the case for shopping and banking, as well as for entertainment, but it’s now become a requirement for any business providing a service to consumers.

Many businesses have only recently made the shift to mobile self-service for customers who had previously been making phone calls or visiting websites to schedule and order service. Most businesses have yet to make the leap, primarily because the technology shift is just now providing the right combination of location, access, payment and communication, to rapidly change the way they do business with their customers.

For these companies, their strength isn’t typically delivering innovative mobile technology solutions, but rather driving innovation in their core business – whether that’s home care, auto repair, maintenance or other scheduled services – providing their service is what they do best.

At Metova, we provide the strategy, the technology, and the innovation to connect services and their customers – without the company who provides the service having to make a massive shift in direction. Rather, they can focus on continuing to improve their service offering, while collaborating with Metovians to ensure that the customers are able to order, schedule, pay for and interact with them on their platform of choice.

It’s Mobile Self-Service, and it’s transforming your business to serve customers best – with a partner that fully understands it, while keeping you focused on what you do best – providing exceptional service.