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6 01, 2021

Metova Industry Intelligence: Survey Findings of 2020

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At Metova to best understand the industries we serve we take many approaches. One of the most informative and compelling ways is through our ongoing consumer research. Want to truly know what your customers think? Ask them. Throughout 2020 we surveyed thousands of U.S. residents on topics ranging from technology and working from home, to [...]

2 01, 2021

Syrian Emergency Task Force – Case Study

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The Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) is a civil organization established in March 2011 to support the demand of the Syrian people for freedom and democracy, irrespective of ethnicity, region, or background. SETF advocates in solidarity with the Syrian people to inform the American public and its representatives about their suffering while addressing the colossal [...]

2 01, 2021

Infographic: Insights on Working From Home During COVID-19

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When it became clear that COVID-19 was bringing about a swift change to work from home for a large portion of the U.S. workforce, we set out to better understand sentiment, trends and challenges of those who are now working from home. Do people prefer working from home? Are they more productive? Are they shifting [...]

16 12, 2020

Cade Collister Joins Metova as Vice President of User Experience and Design

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Collister Brings Over Two Decades of Experience Working with Brands including Walmart, Dell and Microsoft to Metova    CONWAY, Ark., December 16, 2020 – Metova, a leading provider of custom software solutions for mobile, web, connected home and car, and Internet of Things (IoT) for the private and public sector, today announced Cade Collister has [...]

15 12, 2020

Metova Developer Spotlight – Matthew Sij

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Metova iOS Developer, Matthew Sij recently took the opportunity to relocate from Metova's base of Arkansas to Metova's office in Guadalajara, Mexico. This is giving Matthew a great opportunity to work with Metova's talented team in Guadalajara while experiencing different cultures, seeing beautiful sights, finding interesting leaves (see below) and enjoying new, amazing food. We [...]

30 11, 2020

Metova Roundup: Technology in the Hospitality Industry amid COVID-19

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At Metova as part of our work on technology in the hospitality industry, and how tech can help to address some of the consumer concerns and demands amid COVID-19, we’ve taken a deep dive into the subject, going so far as to interview over 1000 people who have stayed at a hotel, resort, or casino [...]

15 11, 2020
  • Strategy Storyboard

Digital Transformation: Research & Strategy

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Disrupt Yourself You read that right: the first phase of your digital transformation is to stop waiting, and instead, take command of your organization’s digital future as if your future depends on it. Because guess what? It probably does. Be the forward-thinking leader and organization in your marketplace, or else your competitor, or [...]

10 11, 2020

NEWS: Survey Reveals Tech-supported, Contactless ‘New Normal’ For Hotels, Resorts and Casinos Amid COVID-19

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Survey Reveals Tech-supported, Contactless ‘New Normal’ For Hotels, Resorts and Casinos Amid COVID-19 80% Have Avoided Staying in a Hotel, Casino or Resort Specifically Due to COVID-19 and Going Forward, 90% Want a Mobile App to Manage Entire Stay Without Having to Interact With a Person CONWAY, Ark. Nov. 10, 2020 – Metova, a leading [...]

10 11, 2020

Q&A: the Tech-supported ‘New Normal’ For Hotels, Resorts and Casinos Amid COVID-19

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The Tech-supported, Contactless ‘New Normal’ For Hotels, Resorts and Casinos Amid COVID-19 A Q&A with a senior hotel operations leader of one of Las Vegas’ leading hotels on COVID-19’s effect on the hospitality industry According to a recent survey of 1000 people who have visited a hotel, casino, or resort in the past 2 years, [...]

10 11, 2020

Infographic: Survey Reveals Tech-supported ‘New Normal’ For Hotels Amid COVID-19

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Metova surveyed over 1000 people in the United States who have stayed at a hotel, resort, or casino in the past two years regarding their sentiment about COVID-19 practices, concerns, and technology in the hospitality industry. Nearly 90% prefer that the hotel they visit has a mobile app offering the ability to completely manage their [...]

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