SEO & Social media

As we’ve mentioned mutliple times on this blog, utilizing social media strategies based on tried and true principles is essential to business success in today’s modern webscape. 

Part of this strategy is implementing SEO best practices not only on your marketing, client-facing website but also accross your social media platforms of choice. I recently read a blog article that goes into this a bit more in depth. This article by HubSpot not only gives more insight into why social media SEO is important, but also gives you easy to use infographics that are specific to SEO best practices for each social media platform. This is a handy tool that you can utilize today to make adjustments to your own social media pages that will optimize your pages and help you grow your success.

If you are interested in getting further assistance on defining a social media strategy that resonnates with your business’ target audience, reach out to our Marketing & Strategy team today! We would be happy to evaluate your audience’s online behaviors and formulate a custom social media strategy to implement.


Alexa Williams
Alexa Williams