Service Packs Will Allow Android Users to get Updates Faster

For a handful of Android devices, OTA firmware updates will be even faster thanks to some manufacturers putting skin updates in service packs. Previously when a new update came out, the manufacturer would add their new features and skins to the firmware package. This package would then be sent to the carrier for testing and certification. If any bugs were found, it would be sent back to the manufacturer for fixes. In short, bundling manufacturer updates with firmware adds an extra step to the process that keeps you from getting the newest Android version as soon as you could. Don’t worry; you can still get manufacture-specific updates from Google Play. Not only will it be quicker to get firmware updates, but also skins and other manufacturer-specific features. Instead of waiting for a new firmware update to be pushed, updates can be downloaded as soon as they are ready. Another possible side effect of getting updates from the Play Store is the ability to run one manufacturer’s software on another’s device. Currently HTC, Motorola, and Google are the only companies that have made their updates available via service pack. Find out more information by reading LifeHacker’s article here.

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Jennifer Pike