Syrian Emergency Task Force – Case Study

The Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF) is a civil organization established in March 2011 to support the demand of the Syrian people for freedom and democracy, irrespective of ethnicity, region, or background. SETF advocates in solidarity with the Syrian people to inform the American public and its representatives about their suffering while addressing the colossal humanitarian crisis and promoting the development of the Syrian civil society based on respect for human dignity and freedom.

SETF offers humanitarian support and funds to those who live inside the war zone. They focus on Internally Displaced People, specifically orphans, besieged civilians, and those in most need. To advance these efforts, SETF was looking for a partner who could not only help develop a mobile application – but one who was also sympathetic to the humanitarian issues involved. As a result, Metova was chosen to deliver the right strategy, design, and technology solution.

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