23 01, 2017

How To Update an iOS Project to Use rbenv for Ruby Version Management

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As an iOS mobile developer, you may think you don’t need to manage Ruby versions in your project. Many iOS projects use CocoaPods which is a Ruby gem. Some projects may even use other Ruby gems such as fastlane for automating your deployment pipeline, or slather for reporting code coverage results. Here at Metova, we [...]

8 08, 2016

Reverse Engineering In Software

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What is Reverse Engineering?It is human nature to be curious about the world and how things work and then how to manipulate them. Imagine a growing baby. “What’s this thing attached to my body? Oh, an arm! I can move it! Hey, that shiny object sure looks interesting. Maybe I can use this arm thing [...]

14 06, 2016

WWDC 2016

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WWDC 2016 was a software centric show that introduced lots of new user facing features as well as provided developers with many new APIs to plug directly into system apps. All four of Apple’s major platforms received updates, which will be publicly available this fall. Check out what’s new!  […]

23 02, 2016

Using Docker for Internal Tools & Infrastructure

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Docker is a containerization solution that allows apps to run in a sandboxed environment that includes all the dependencies they will need without the additional overhead of a virtual machine. This sounds great–we can containerize our applications and deploy them, no more server provisioning and maintenance! Unfortunately, this is way more difficult than it sounds [...]

11 02, 2016

Concurrency in iOS

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Concurrency is a condition in a program where two or more tasks are defined independently, and each can execute independent of the other, even if the other is also executing at the same time. In programming concurrency can mean several computations, data loads, or instructions are being handled relatively at the same time, through a [...]

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