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A Customer Need

Willis Johnson and Greg McCollum had an idea, some screens sketched out, and a powerpoint. They knew what they were asking for was not easy. They needed design, strategy, and development for both iOS and Android mobile applications – as well as an API and web component to manage them. On top of that, it needed to be done- fast. In June 2015, Willis and Greg found exactly what they were looking for: a company that was big enough and had enough experience to get it done.

(Spoiler alert- it’s us!)

A Technical Challenge

We worked with the Takl team to plan out an initial scope of work to get an effective minimum viable product to be released in their 6-month time frame. With our strategy and design team and approximately 8 mobile and web developers, we began in January and finished the initial scope of work a month early. Takl was then able to get in some additional features for their July 2016 release to the greater Nashville area.

While we normally develop first for one platform and then have it to reference while we build the second platform, having a tight deadline meant creating an application for both iOS and Android platforms simultaneously. When decisions on fine details needed making, the teams had to work together to keep the user experience aligned. The iOS and Android teams demonstrated excellent communication skills so that the applications kept feature parity and each platform conformed to the industry’s design standards and best practices.

A final product will almost never perfectly match up to your initial roadmap, user stories, and acceptance tests. Something always changes. In Takl’s case, the implementation of the While You’re At It feature shook up how a chore was defined and recognized. Chores were assumed to have a set of specific parameters and code had to be refactored and adjusted in order to support the new user-created ones. Even with this change, our experience and process kept us on track to be able to easily adjust and make the next deadline.

If you’ve lived someplace like California and then moved to Tennessee, you know that prices can be very different depending on your location. Our developers used the PostGIS database extension to map out regions so that we could allow pricing to be tied to location. This has made it easier for Takl to expand into new geographical areas.

In the Takl mobile app, the customer can view a live map of the provider as the provider drives to the job location. To take pressure off of the rest of the API, we built a small Phoenix app that handles the transmission of the latitude/longitude from the provider to the customer. This was also done to play to the strengths of the Phoenix framework, as our infrastructure was not setup to support a large number of websockets with Ruby on Rails (on which the rest of the APIs and web portion were built).

The Technical Solution

Native iOS & Android Mobile apps interact with a Ruby on Rails API hosted on AWS. Interacts with Swipe eCommerce solutions, push notifications, and background checking services.

Pete Peltier, Vice President of Technology, Takl Inc

“Metova has been an outstanding partner for Takl. They helped us get up and running quickly in the beginning and got us to launch with an incredibly solid minimal viable product last summer. I’ve always been impressed with their attention to technical quality and their input on product design and usability. I would definitely recommend Metova for anyone looking for high quality software development help in the mobile or web spaces.”