TAKL – A Case Study

Creating a new digital customer experience for customers of TAKL, a disruptive provider of in-home services

Willis Johnson and Greg McCollum, the founders of TAKL, had an idea, some screens sketched out, and a powerpoint. They knew what they were asking for was not easy and they chose Metova as their strategic technology partner. They needed design, strategy, and development for both iOS and Android mobile applications – as well as an API and web component to manage them. They were looking to disrupt the in-home service provider industry and they were ready to move fast.

“Metova has been an outstanding partner for Takl. They helped us get up and running quickly in the beginning and got us to launch with an incredibly solid minimal viable product last summer. I’ve always been impressed with their attention to technical quality and their input on product design and usability. I would definitely recommend Metova for anyone looking for high quality software development help in the mobile or web spaces.”

Pete Peltier, Vice President of Technology, Takl Inc


In order to ensure that TAKL’s customer needs were met, a few key objectives had to be delivered while creating new business opportunities and efficiencies :

  • Mobile Service – The TAKL business was dependent on being able to connect customers and service providers through smartphones, requiring native iPhone and Android applications
  • Design Expertise – With over 400 services for the home, a custom UX and UI was required to provide an elegant solution to a complex set of services and prices
  • Nimble – The mobile applications needed to be developed in parallel to meet a tight schedule, requiring rapid approvals and creative thinking
  • Dynamic Pricing – Different parts of the country required different pricing structures, automatically set by customer and service provider location

The added dimension of TAKL being a disruptive startup on a tight schedule and introducing a lot of invention along the way made this a challenging, yet rewarding experience for both Metova and TAKL teams.

How TAKL Solved it With Metova

Metova designed and developed customer mobile apps in parallel for both platforms and a new API to allow dynamic pricing, multiple home services and location tracking of service providers. To take pressure off of the rest of the API, we built a small Phoenix app that handles the transmission of the latitude/longitude from the provider to the customer, this was also done to play to the strengths of the Phoenix framework.


  • Both mobile applications were delivered on schedule to meet their launch requirements
  • The UX/UI design exceeded customer expectations
  • The launch set the stage for them to quickly become a market leader and successfully disrupt the in-home service industry

The Technical Solution

Metova worked with the Takl team to plan out an initial scope of work to get an effective minimum viable product to be released in their 6-month time frame. With our strategy and design team and approximately 8 mobile and web developers, we began in January and finished the initial scope of work a month early. Takl was then able to get in some additional features for their scheduled mid-summer release.

All of these digital customer experiences are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Native iOS & Android Mobile apps interact with a Ruby on Rails API hosted on AWS as well as utilizing AWS services, EC2, RDS PostgresSQL, Route53, S3, CloudFront, and ELB. Interacts with Swipe eCommerce solutions, push notifications, and background checking services.