TruGreen is an industry leader in the world of lawn care with over 2 million customers.
With a growing customer demand for modern amenities, a digital transformation to embrace mobile applications and new technology was increasingly urgent.


The iPhone and Android applications helped TruGreen bring in new customers, increase sales, improve customer experience, and make services more accessible. The apps have a 5-star rating and are trending towards a million active users.

A Customer Need

Like many service providers TruGreen maintained traditional call and email customer service to sign-up new customers, change services, or re-schedule appointments. All service offerings were marketed through traditional snail mail. TruGreen came to Metova to improve the customer journey, personalize the experience, increase customer retention and grow market share, while integrating with multiple established back-office internal systems and numerous third-party service providers. TruGreen’s goal was to move to mobile solutions, meet demand and better service new and existing customers.

Add Value and Efficiency

Metova designed and developed a customer mobile app and API to allow self-service including marketing and signing up for new services, integrating with the fleet management solution to send notifications when techs are in route, see the tech in route on a map, and send a followup NPS survey as soon as the tech completes the work order. The solution also handles PCI Compliance, eCommerce and Live Chat.

Lessons Learned

Good planning can go a long way, having user stories, requirements, documentation, and plans up to two sprints out has been critical to ensuring that we can follow a strict release schedule with TruGreen’s marketing team. There can be a lot of moving parts, so ensure you are documenting everything along the way as you build, from releases to best practices, to root-cause analysis, all of these serve as good retrospectives and tools in achieving a good pace and release schedule with the client.

The Technology Solution

Native iOS & Android Mobile apps that interact with a Ruby on Rails API hosted on AWS which serves as a proxy to multiple internal TruGreen services. AWS services used: Classic Load Balancer, Auto Scaling group of 4-12 EC2 m4.large, RDS DB db.m4.xlarge, multi-AZ RDS standby, ECR, CloudWatch, Elasticache, Lambda, Route53, and SNS/SQS/S3