Understanding App Identifiers

What is an App Identifier?

An App Identifier is a unique, reverse URL scheme, string that applications use to identify themselves (similar to package name in Android). If we were working on a Metova application called Operations, the App Identifier would be com.metova.Operations.

The capitalization is important here. Why is it important? When you create a new project in Xcode, you will be prompted for the application name and the company identifier. Your company identifier would be com.metova. If you enter Operations for your Product Name, Xcode will automatically generate your App Identifier as com.metova.Operations.

What About Customers?

If we are working on an application for Acme called AcmeCatalog, the App Identifier we need to create if we are working out of our developer portal will be com.metova.acme.AcmeCatalog.

When we create the project, we will need to ensure our company identifier is listed as com.metova.acme and the Product Name is listed as AcmeCatalog.

That Looks Wrong

Technically, com.metova.acme.AcmeCatalog is wrong. But, if you reserve com.acme.AcmeCatalog in our developer portal, Acme will not be able to reserve it in their developer portal. This would cause them to have to come up with some other App Identifier for their application. As far as we are aware, there is no way to remove an App Identifier from the developer portal once it’s created. It is EXTREMELY painful to transfer an App Identifier between developer accounts later.


Logan Gauthier
Logan Gauthier