2 10, 2017

Pixels, Resolution, & Aspect Ratio: What Does It All Mean?

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With the announcement of the new iPhone X adding another aspect ratio to the iPhone squad, I found that I didn’t fully understand some of the design vocabulary that was being used. As I have done with many topics that I had trouble wrapping my mind around, such as ADA compliance and cryptography, I wrote [...]

18 09, 2017

Designing for the iPhone X

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Last Tuesday Apple released their new (and expensive) iPhone X. The new phone has an “edge-less” display- something designers have been dreaming about for years! A phone where the actual device gets out of the way of the content you are consuming. It seems pretty magical. So the big question for designers is how will design [...]

14 08, 2017

Designing for Users Who are Color Blind

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As designers, we literally have to consider everything when we are working on a project. Who will use your application? What is their level of technical skill? What problems is your app solving for them? Do they have disabilities you need to take into consideration? Often, it is this last item that gets overlooked. [...]

7 08, 2017

5 Tips For Keeping Creative Juices Flowing

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Every now and again in the professional career of a creative, we find ourselves in a slump. The reason behind a lack of creative motivation can be attributed to a variety things like a shift in the organization, a stressful client, monotonous tasks, no new projects, or a hint of burnout. It’s important to refocus [...]

26 06, 2017

Facebook Business Pages 101

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As we’ve discussed before, engaging with your target audience through social media is a key compenent of executing an effective digital marketing campagin. One of the main avenues of social media engagement is through Facebook Business Pages; however, as the social media landscape contiues to change and evolve it is important to be using Facebook [...]

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