FORBES: Tips For Marketers To Use UGC To Boost User Engagement

In the realm of branding and marketing, authenticity is the key to creating genuine connections with your audience. A growing trend that epitomizes this genuine connection is User-Generated Content (UGC). To give brands a leg up on how to tap into this powerful strategy, the Forbes Communications Council recently shared an article full of advice.

In this article, we summarize the key highlights from the Forbes article and highlight the Metovian contribution from our very own Jonathan Sasse.

Keep it Real

The allure of UGC lies within its authenticity. To harness its power effectively, ensure the content you incorporate truly resonates with your target audience. Ditch anything overly promotional or lacking sincerity. By focusing on genuine, value-driven content, you can boost your brand’s credibility, deepen trust, and foster engagement—ultimately driving results that last.

The Timeless Power of Customer Reviews

Apart from traditional methods like loyalty programs, influencer marketing, and co-branding collaborations, using customer feedback, such as testimonials, stands out. Whether it’s on your website, landing pages, social media, or other marketing avenues, firsthand experiences speak volumes. Modern consumers often place more trust in UGC than traditional ads. Hence, it’s a smart move to weave UGC not just into your digital space but also into tangible areas like product packaging.

Leverage Real Testimonials From Real Customers

Depending on your brand, you could leverage UGC in a number of ways, but don’t overlook the one that has worked for decades: leveraging real testimonials about your brand or product from real customers. An authentic customer testimonial about how your brand, service or product has improved their life is always powerful. – Jonathan SasseMetova

Engage with Contests & Reward Participation

Fuel engagement by hosting contests or events that invite users to share their unique experiences with your products or services. By spotlighting these contributions on your digital platforms, you give due recognition and foster a dynamic community around your brand. When users feel their input is valued, and there’s an incentive, it amplifies participation and content generation.

Celebrate Diversity & Meet your Customers Where They Are

Every customer is unique, and so are their communication styles. Embrace the diversity in backgrounds within your audience to make your content more relatable. Tailor your approach to where your followers are most active— whether that is reposting Instagram Stories of product unboxings or diving and responding to TikTok comments. Engaging your audience on their preferred platforms not only enhances engagement but fortifies your brand’s authenticity.

The full list of tips from Forbes on how to use UGC to boost user engagement:
  1. Showcase Social Media Content Submissions
  2. Make Sure UGC Is Valuable To Target Audiences
  3. Tell A Story Customers Will Want To Help Spread
  4. Leverage Real Testimonials From Real Customers
  5. Incentivize Users To Submit Specific Types Of UGC
  6. Make Users Feel Proud, Passionate About Sharing UGC
  7. Use Customer Feedback As Testimonials On The Website
  8. Solicit Customer Reviews, Posts And Recommendations
  9. Make It Easy To Contribute; Reward Contributions
  10. Embrace Audiences’ Diverse Styles And Backgrounds
  11. Nurture A Community Where Users Exchange Ideas
  12. Integrate UGC Across All Touch Points, Even Packaging
  13. Supplement Your Informational Messaging With UGC
  14. Highlight Your Brand’s Human Impact With Real Quotes
  15. Highlight, Validate, Promote And Praise Contributors First
  16. Engage Followers On Platforms Where They’re Active
  17. Use OOH Channels To Search For And Display UGC
  18. Incorporate UGC As Part Of Your Overall Brand Story

Click HERE to read the entire article at Forbes: 18 Essential Tips For Marketers To Use UGC To Boost User Engagement

Alondra Cruz
Alondra Cruz